Dynamic Creatine Transport


Dynamic Creatine Transport

4.50 out of 5
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2 reviews for Dynamic Creatine Transport

  1. James T
    5 out of 5


    Performance 7/10
    Taste 9/10
    Value 10/10

    Using the same creatine over and over because a bit monotonous at times. This helped me cycle, with a good taste with a good price. Best I have tasted in a couple of years since coming to South Africa in 2005 from the States. The supplement industry here is catching up to other western countries, this company seems to offer you what you need with a better taste a move in the right the direction for SA. Will defiantly be keeping a eye on you guys.

  2. Jason Langley
    4 out of 5


    Tried this with the Hyper-Nox and I must agree. It’s got a lot to offer as INTRA and POST workout. It really picked me up after a grueling workout and it kept me going through my last sets. I could feel my recovery was much better with it the next morning.
    The orange tastes great, not too overpowering, but you can tell they spent a lot of time getting the taste right. Most similar supplements out there all taste the same.
    Awesome, yet simple formula. Back to basics I guess.

    It works. Period.

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